? ? ? ? ? 最近,亚洲知名水媒体AsianWater环保杂志社刊登了专访晟启关于《节能型污泥低温干化解决方案》的重磅文章,晟启大力拓展海外市场,已逐步建成海外营销网络。并将参加2018年7月9-11日新加坡水资源展SIWW,充分借助此平台在东南亚市场推广晟启产品及品牌。以下是英文原文(附中文对照):

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Guangzhou Shincci Energy Equipment Co., Ltd (Shincci) is an innovator of the energy-efficient low temperature sludge dryer, which works on the principle of dehumidification heat pump. An eco-friendly system, the process allows direct reduction of moisture in the sludge from 83% to 30-10%. This equipment is extensively applied in Municipal and Industrial Sludge Drying."Shincci is proud of providing a sludge treatment solution that is capable of removing 5kgs of water out of wet sludge with only 1kWh electricity, which is twice that of industrial standard. We are always innovating as our focus is on improving the performance on our equipment resulting in better service to our clients” said Mr Zhang. ?

402com-永利站402com设备有限企业(以下简称“晟启”)作为低温蒸发技术的引领者,其自主研发的节能型低温402com机已广泛应用于市政及工业污泥行业,可高效地将污泥含水率由83%直接降至30-10%。晟启外贸部张主管指出:晟启低温402com机除湿比高达1kWh : 5kgs H2O,高于行业水平的两倍。晟启始终致力于技术创新以提升设备效能来更好服务广大客户。 ?


AsianWater writer with Mr Samson Zhang, Overseas Marketing Director of Guangzhou Shincci Energy Equipment Co., Ltd ?


Shincci already have important business partners and potential clients in overseas markets and they will make their presence at the Singapore International Water Week 2018 (SIWW) on July 9-11 to promote the company and product in the Asean market.


He said compared to those abroad, the Asean market is more interested in high performance equipment and trust the Shincci sludge treatment solution can meet the demand."The Asean market is giving importance to sludge treatment. They are looking for equipment that is eco-friendly." added Mr Zhang.


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